donderdag 4 november 2004

Transatlantische e-mailconversatie

(Op het ritme van het binnensijpelende nieuws over de catastrofale uitslag van de presidentsverkiezingen.)
Take care, Mary!
Pascal, we are hanging from a cliff... pray for us...
Pascal, it is over and we are all shaking our heads in disbelief, considering our options which include leaving the country. In truth we hardly feel a part of a country that is so divided and where the ruling party bases itself on a fundamentalist moral authority. Everyone I know is shattered... thank you for your support...
Mary, I respect your feelings and I try to imagine what you and your friends and beloved and everyone there who has the heart and the brains at the right places are going through at this very moment. I seriously hope my words can help you a little bit. I think you have to stay: your place is there. You're an artist, an intellectual, you have a voice, so you have responsability. Can you imagine what will happen if everyone with a heart and brains goes away? Stay there. Organise. Things really happen in the States. This should not stop - to restart again in 2008. Things like 'MoveOn' must continue. Look wat Amnesty International can, what Greenpeace can... Still you have freedom of speech, freedom of gathering, freedom to have your own opinion, freedom to make beautiful things that comfort people...